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We will hear the new tracks in July 27.04.2017

Finally some interesting news. Scooter will play some new tracks live during the summer open-airs in Leipzig and Mönchengladbach in July. The next Scooter album will be released in 2018. So maybe the new single is ready.

The new Scooter album 17.03.2017

At the time when the site was offline, there were almost no interesting news from Scooter. The only interesting news is about the title of the new album. It will be called Wild & Wicked, just as the live tour, and will be out in summer. This information came directly from H.P. Baxxter during the DSDS 2017 TV-show. Also there was H.P. Baxxter's birthday on 16th of March. Congratulations, Mr. Baxxter.

Wild & Wicked the new Scooter live-tour! 13.10.2016

Wild & Wicked is a title of the new Scooter live-tour that will start in summer, 2017. The tour will be dedicated to the beands' 25th anniversary. It will start presumably on the 7'th of July, 2017. According to Scooter Official Facebook page, this tour will be the biggest in bands' history. You can already pre-order some tickets here.

UPD (17.10.2016) The video trailer of the tour is available!

The first live show by Rick after departing from Scooter! 05.10.2016

Awesome news from our beloved Rick J Jordan! Check this out, Posse!

Hi folks I'm happy to announce our first public gig in Berlin on December 15th 2016! Alex Raytchev and me are going to perform together with the Canea-Quartett a full length 120 min show at the Zeiss-Groß Planetarium, the most advanced of its kind in Europe. We will explore the sound and view of stars, galaxies and nebulas in correlation to the universe deep inside of us, the core of our identity... expect cinmatic classical inspired compositions on the piano and strings mixed up with wide synthpads and sequences from the future... I'm really looking foreward to the show, but please dear followers from the old days, remember: this is NOT a techno-show nor any kind of dj-set, it's something COMPLETELY different! Nevertheless it's gonna be a fantastic and mind blowing experience! Here do we go!

Scooter live broadcast! 18.08.2016

Here's the update from Scooter official Facebook page:

Scooter Posse! Tomorrow we'll have a great show at the Highfield Festival, Germany! Be there! Stage time: 0:00 01.30 A.M. (German time). For all of you who cant be at the Highfield Festival, you can be with us via live stream! Click here

Scooter will perform at Superdiskoteka 90 in Russia 04.08.2016

Summer is traditionally a dead season for Scooter. No news at all. Our site's news section was silent for a few months. But now I have some good news for the Russian Posse. This year Scooter will visit Russia for sure! The German trio will perform at Superdiskoteka 90 in Saint-Petersburg on 19th of November.

Mary Got No Lamb official video 28.04.2016

The new official video of the new Scooter single which is called Mary Got No Lamb has appeared on the Net. Check it right now, rate it, comment it.

Mary Got No Lamb release date 28.04.2016

According to the official Scooter site, the new single Mary Got No Lamb will be released on May, 6. The official cover art design and tracklist you can fin in the previous news block at my site.

UPD: You can listen to the snippets of all tracks from the new single at iTunes.

Mary Got No Lamb cover design 27.04.2016

On the left you can see the cover art design of the new Scooter single which is called Mary Got No Lamb. It appeared at the official Scooter Facebook page. Click on the picture to enlarge it (or just click here). I believe we will get more information about the upcoming single soon.

UPD! The tracklist of the new single is now available:

01. Mary Got No Lamb (Single Edit)
02. Mary Got No Lamb (Arena Mix)
03. Mary Got No Lamb (Extended)

Mary Got No Lamb, the new Scooter single 25.04.2016

According to this post at the official Scooter Facebook page, the next Scooter single will be Mary Got No Lamb. It will be released soon. Well, we will get more information about the single soon, that's for sure. I'm curious will the new single be released on CD, or will it be a WEB release only again?

UPD! The official video for the new single will be shot in Hamburg on 28th of April.

Audio snippet of Rick J Jordan's new work 01.04.2016

Maestro Rick J Jordan, the ex-Scooter member has updated his Facebook page with a video where you can hear his new classic music track that was produced together with his friend musician Alexander Raytchev. Listen and enjoy the music.

Scooter show in Yekaterinburg was cancelled 25.03.2016

Quote from Scooter official Facebook page:

Dear Yekaterinburg Posse, due to heavy fog at the Yekaterinburg airport, it was impossible to land the aircraft and the flight was redirected to Helsinki via Kazan. These circumstances make it impossible to make the show today. Unfortunately show has to be cancelled. But we will re-schedule the show as soon as we find the right date with the local promoter...

Happy birthday, Axel + new remixes by Sound-X-Monster 23.03.2016

Today is a birthday of Axel Coon, the ex member of Scooter. I would like to sincerely congratulate him and wish him all the best in personal life and music career. Axel is a man whom Scooter fans love and never forget. I hope he knows about it. Happy birthday, Axel!

Russian music producer Sergey Metelkin, more known as Sound-X-Monster, has prepared two presents for all Scooter fans. The first surprise is his remix of Scooter's Riot, which was produced together with the Sound Forces music project. The second surprise is a remix-single of one of the most famous and popular Scooter tracks in Russia How Much Is The Fish?. You can listen those tracks at Sound-X-Monster's official VK page. Check them out!

News from Section 1 22.03.2016

Starting from today you can buy the new single 44 by Section 1 band in all the major music stores, for example in iTunes and Google Play. So if you like the new sound of Section 1, just go and get it! ;) You can listen to the audio trailer here.

Happy birthday, H.P. Baxxter! 16.03.2016

Today is a day, when H.P. Baxxter, the Scooter frontman, was born. Every year on this date I congratulate him and wish him always the same. To stay happy, healthy and loud. This year I want also to say something else. H.P., you don't always have to follow the trends in music. You and your band have a long history, you have thousands of listeners all over the world (maybe also somewhere in space). You can dictate your music style to the world, not the opposite. Please, think about it. We want the old Scooter back! Happy birthday, MC H!

Section 1 44 is available for purchase 11.03.2016

The new Section 1 single which is called 44 is available for purchase exclusively at The single contain Radio Edit and Extended Mix. 44 is a melodic Birgoom tune with nice beats and some short MC vocals. I think many of you will like it. Later this month 44 will be released at other big online music shops. Check the promo teaser here.

Scooter live show in Yekaterinburg 06.03.2016

Dear friends! Don't forget that Scooter will not only perform live in Moscow and Saint Petersburg this March, but also in Yekaterinburg! The show will be held on 25th of March. You can order the tickets at this page.

Scooter live shows in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg 17.02.2016

Dear friends! I want to remind you that Scooter will play live in Moscow on 26th of March and in Saint-Petersburg on March, 27. More information (in Russian language) you will find here and here. Also you will be able to buy the tickets there. As always, Scooter will play their best hits and the brand new tracks from the new album which is called ACE.

Scooter ACE #6 in Germany! 12.02.2016

The new Scooter album ACE has debuted in German music charts at #6! This is really a huge success for the band! ACE is the 10th Scooter album which was at the German Top 10. Congratulations, guys!

Oi the official video and single release 04.02.2016

Well, it seems that Oi will be released as a WEB single, despite the words of Michael Simon, who said there will be no single at all. Oi will be released tomorrow as a WEB single only. Here's the tracklist:

01. Oi (Original Mix) (3:09)
02. Oi (Extended Mix) (4:03)

Here you can see the cover art of the new single. By the way, the official video for Oi is already out. Watch it here!

Oi will not be released as a single 03.02.2016

According to Michael Simon, the track Oi will not be released as a new Scooter single. There will be no physical release, no WEB-release and no mixes of course. The album version will count as a single version. I want to remind you that the new Scooter album, which is called ACE, will be released very soon, on the 5th of February.

Scooter ACE (the official minimix) 01.02.2016

The official minimix of the new Scooter album which is called ACE have appeared on the Web! I mean yes, right now we can listen to the previews of all the tracks from the new album! So, what are you waiting for? Check the minimix right now!

Oi short preview 31.01.2016

The short preview of the new Scooter single Oi is available at this page. Track #24. As you can see Oi will be released on Dance 2016 compilation at Armada Music. The track sounds funny and easy, but I think the old fans will be a little skeptic about it ;) Well, you can listen to it by yourself.

The items from ACE (Deluxe Edition) + news from Section 1 15.01.2016

Here you can see the photo of the items that will be included in the Deluxe Edition of the new Scooter album which is called ACE. These items are a set of playing cards and the silicone bracelet with the sign Always Hardcore. I want to remind you that the new album will be released on the 5th of February, 2016.

The two-track version of the single Hard Stuff by Section 1 are available for purchase since 13th of January. This release contains two mixes that weren't released before Extended Stuff and Club Stuff. You can buy the single in many online music shops all around the world, just follow this link.

Scooter will play live in Finland in February 13.01.2016

This news will be interesting for the Scooter fans from Finland and maybe from Saint Petersburg. Scooter will perform at Polar Sound Festival in Vaasa (Finland) on 6 February 2016. Maybe they will play Oi for the first time there, who knows. By the way, it seems that it will be the full length live show by the band.

Oi is the title of the new Scooter single! 07.01.2016

The next Scooter single from the new album ACE will the track called Oi. I think that maybe it will contain some Punk music elements, because of it's title. Oi! is a Punk music sub-genre with explicit lyrics and anti-social meaning. So... everything is possible. I wonder how this track will sound like. It's hard to imagine a boring EDM track with such title and dirty lyrics. I still hope for a Riot-like track, but it's only my sweet dream. It's possible that the new single will be released on the same date as the new album, the 5th of February. But the real date of release is still unknown officially.

ACE Limited Deluxe Box contents 07.01.2016

According to the web-shop, the Limited Deluxe Box edition of the new Scooter album ACE will include the CD album, an exclusive silicone bracelet and the poker set. You can find the links for pre-order of all the versions of the new album in previous news block at the site.

The new Scooter album will be released on CD and vinyl! 05.01.2016

Many Scooter fans were a little bit concerned whether the new album will be released on CD or it will only sold as a digital download. Well, according to it will be sold as a Standart Edition on CD (€16,85), as a Limited Deluxe Box on CD (€22,01) and as a Vinyl LP (€22,62). What kind of stuff will be included in Limited Deluxe Box is unknown yet. Watch out for more news soon!

The new Scooter album tracklist! 05.01.2016

The tracklist of the new Scooter album which is called ACE and will be released on 5th of February have appeared at iTunes online music shop. Here it is:

01. Ace (2:05)
02. Oi (3:10) (explicit)
03. Mary Got No Lamb (3:26)
04. Riot (3:05)
05. Encore (3:54)
06. Burn (Scooter & Vassy) (2:40)
07. Don't Break The Silence (3:19)
08. The Birdwatcher (3:34)
09. What You're Waiting For (feat. Maidwell) (3:34)
10. Crazy (3:04)
11. Opium (3:57)
12. Stargazer (feat. Maidwell) (3:34)
13. Wolga (6:05)
14. Torch (3:08)

It's official: ACE is the title new Scooter album! 04.01.2016

So, guys and girls, now it's official! The new Scooter album is called ACE and will be released on 5th of February! You can see the cover art of the album without any pixellization here. As you can see the predictions about the cover design were totally correct.

ACE is this the new Scooter album?! 04.01.2016

It looks like Scooter is teasing us with their new single or album! This pixelated image have appeared at the official Facebook page with the following sign: A C E. If you'll look at this image carefully, you will probably see that most likely this is the cover of the CD with a picture of someone's hands holding three playing cards with aces. And there's a sign Scooter ACE. I think that I really can see this :) So, guys and girls, looks like we're on the edge of the new exciting times. The new music from Scooter is on the way! I want to remind you that in the latest interview H.P. Baxxter, the Scooter frontman, said that the new album will be released in the beginning of February.

Happy birthday, Rick! Happy New Year, Posse! 01.01.2016

Today is a birthday of Rick J Jordan (Hendrik Stedler), the ex-Scooter member and one of the godfathers of our favorite band! I would like to congratulate him and wish him all the best. Ricky! Stay cool, stay happy, stay healthy! Happy birthday, man!

Also today is the first day of the New Year, dear guys and girls! So I would like to congratulate you all and wish you all the best. Be happy, healthy and listen to the good music. I hope Scooter will release something great this year and we all will be happy about that! Happy New Year, Posse!

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